At Community West we understand how mental health challenges can impact a teen or young adult’s academic performance and overall school experience. Social and academic pressures can be overwhelming for young people struggling with mental health issues and frequently contribute to the development of more severe difficulties.

Many parents worry that sending their child for intensive mental health treatment may disadvantage them socially and academically.  However, we have found that intensive mental health treatment combined with effective academic support not only facilitates improved social skills and the achievement of academic goals, it is often necessary to prevent further social, emotional and academic decline.


Our academic liaison services ensure a productive relationship between schools and families. They act as the “quarterback” to facilitate an academic plan that takes into account the client’s therapeutic needs and the school’s curricular requirements.  The academic liaison provides ongoing consultation with the clinical team and school to determine how to best implement academic support services to ensure success. They also coordinate psychological and neuropsychological testing (if needed) to see whether a student will benefit from special accommodations or a different learning environment.

In collaboration with the clinical team and school representatives, the academic liaison customizes an academic plan and provides informed recommendations for additional support services, which often include one-on-one tutoring either at home or on-site at Community West.  The liaison can recommend a plan to catch up on incomplete schoolwork and coordinate with the relevant school staff (academic deans, administrators, school counselors, teachers, etc.).  The liaison can also consult with families about alternative school placements, independent study, home schooling, and online coursework.

The fees for individual tutoring services are not included with the liaison services and are billed and scheduled separately through our partners at Team Tutors*.

* Team Tutors ( utilizes experienced tutors, and in some cases educational therapists, to oversee schoolwork and integrate executive functioning into the sessions. Standardized test preparation is also available.  These services may be provided at the home, school, or at Community West depending on the academic and emotional needs of the client.  Tutoring session notes are sent to Community West and parents so everyone is current with the client’s academic progress.

Natalie Kunin, MA is Community West’s Academic Liaison.